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Welcome to the Trials Tracker, bringing together all the cystic fibrosis (CF) trials currently recruiting in the UK so that you can find clinical trials you can take part in both in your region and further afield. The Trials Tracker is a new resource that we’ll be developing over time based on your feedback. If you’ve used the Trials Tracker and want to share your opinion, please complete our online poll or get in touch at

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Clinical trials

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Hyperpolarised gas MRI and multiple breath inert gas washout to improve management and understanding of cystic fibrosis lung disease

This study will assess two emerging lung function tests. The main test uses lung MRI after inhaling a hyperpolarized gas (HP MRI), which images gas distribution within the lung. This test has been demonstrated in CF patients to show lung disease before other conventional test. So far this technique has been limited to small cohorts and therefore needs to be measured in larger cohorts. The second test is a breathing test entitled multiple breath washout (MBW). This test is similar to HP MRI and is also able to detect lung disease prior to conventional tests. It also measures gas distribution within the lung, but without the regional detail of the MRI. The greater detail from the MR images will therefore be able to inform more about tests such as MBW. These tests will also be used to assess CF lungs after performing heavy exercise. Patients with CF become breathless when they exercise, however exercise is important as it improves their fitness and may help to remove mucus from the lung. Using MRI and MBW we will assess the effect of exercise on gas distribution within the CF lung. Children and adults with CF and a range of lung disease severity will be assessed. Patients will attend at three time points over two years and will perform MRI and MBW alongside standard breathing tests and a short quality of life questionnaire. At one visit patients will perform an exercise test followed by repeat MRI and MBW tests.

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    2 years

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Rollover Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Long-term Treatment With Lumacaftor in Combination With Ivacaftor

This study will look at whether two drugs (called lumacaftor and ivacaftor) can help treat cystic fibrosis when taken together over a long period of time. It will also look at whether they are safe over this period. You can only take part in this study if you took part in a study called VX14-809-109, and if you meet certain criteria. These criteria will be checked by the study doctor and nurse at a screening visit. If you meet these criteria you will be treated with lumacaftor and ivacaftor together for approximately 96 weeks. A follow up visit will be held 28 days after the last dose of lumacaftor and ivacaftor. You will need to attend the clinic for 15 visits over the study duration and will undergo a range of tests. Participants who stopped taking the study drugs early in the VX14-809-109 study will be invited to take part in an observational study. They will not receive the study drug but will receive regular phone calls.

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    0 - 12

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    96 weeks

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    Restore CFTR Function

Evaluation of the High Frequency Digit Triplet test in Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is an inherited condition which affects 9000 people in the UK, over half of whom are adults. Life expectancy is around 40 years but it is increasing steadily, largely due to improved treatment of chronic lung infections. However, treatment over many years with some antibiotics (“aminoglycosides”) may have toxic effects, including permanent and severe hearing loss, usually affecting both ears. Even mild hearing loss has a damaging effect on schooling and future employment prospects. The conventional hearing test - the Pure Tone Audiogram – must be performed by an audiologist using specialised equipment. It is not practical to use this test regularly in CF patients to prevent further hearing loss. We will evaluate a new hearing test - the High Frequency Digit Triplet (HFDT) test. This test mimics how individuals hear in real life situations (such as a noisy room), requires only a computer and does not need clinically trained personnel. We will evaluate the new test in stable patients and in those about to receive intravenous antibiotics for a chest infection. We will also see if it is feasible to do the test in primary school children. If the HFDT test is accurate and practical we will apply for a new research grant which would allow us to see if the test is accurate when performed in the home (where there may be more background noise). We could then offer this test to every CF patient in the UK over 5 years. Patients could perform this test at home and then bring the result to discuss with their doctor if antibiotic treatment is likely. We believe this test could prevent hearing loss in many people with CF and allow substantial savings both in testing and in hearing aid provision (where hearing is irreversibly damaged).

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    1 day

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    Closed to recruitment - no follow up

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46-48 of 48 results for all trials