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Lots of people are aware that they should write a Will at some point in their lives, but often put it off as something they won’t have to think about until they are older. However, writing a Will – especially if you have children, a partner or other family members that you would like to support after your death – is important to do no matter your age.

“I don’t need a Will.”

About 40% of people don’t write a Will. This means that when they die their assets will be distributed by a law which was made many years ago, which doesn't always work the way people want it to. This is especially the case when people are not married but live together, have second families, or want to give some of their money or assets to charity. By writing a Will, you can set out your wishes about who you want to benefit from your estate.

“Once I’ve written a Will I don’t need to update it.”

While you may have written a Will in the past, it won’t necessarily reflect your wishes today. Births, deaths and changing assets can all change who you wish to benefit from your Will.

“I can write my Will myself, I don’t need a solicitor.”

It is always recommended that you seek professional legal advice to make sure that your Will follows all the formalities required and it is completely clear what you want to happen to your estate after you die. With the Trust's free Will service, you can get your Will written by a solicitor for free through one of our providers: the National Free Will Network or Co-op Legal Services. All Wills are written under the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

“I already support the Trust, why is it important to leave a gift in my Will?”

Including a gift in your Will means we can plan for the future. In fact, gifts in Wills make up around 10% of our income, and allow us to invest in cutting-edge research, promote the highest standards of care and campaign hard on the issues that matter. Whatever size, in the long-term your gift will help us make a life unlimited a reality.

“I don’t have anything to leave.”

A lot of people think they don’t have anything to give, but most people have more than they think. We can supply you with a handy estate pack to help you review your assets and liabilities.

People choose to give to the Trust in all sorts of ways. One generous supporter who died in 2016 kindly left us his collection of vintage tractors. These included a tractor used in ploughing competitions, as well as other tractors, ploughs and a trailer. These will be sold at auction, to achieve the best price and ensure an appropriate buyer is sought, and the money will be used to help continue our fight against cystic fibrosis, as the supporter would have wanted.

Another supporter, who died in 2013, left a share of his estate to the Trust. The estate was made up of different properties, all in the same vicinity and many in the same village. This included the village pub, which trades serving food and drink, and is let to a tenant. The pub continues to trade and draws rentable income for the long-term benefit of the Trust and other charitable beneficiaries.

We are incredibly grateful to our supporters for remembering us in their Wills in any way they can, no matter how weird and wonderful that way might be!

“I need to provide for my family, I haven’t got enough money to include the Trust as well.”

It is essential that you provide for your family and friends first and foremost. Once you have done so, you could make a huge difference to the lives of thousands of people affected by cystic fibrosis in the future by including a gift to the Trust in your Will, no matter how small.

Don’t forget to find out more about our free Will service or contact to speak to someone about this offer.

Free Will service

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