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Building Brighter Futures

Building Brighter Futures is a programme for 10-18 year olds with cystic fibrosis, funded by BBC Children in Need. Find out more about how you can get involved!

What is Building Brighter Futures?

Building Brighter Futures is a three-year programme for 10-18 year olds with cystic fibrosis, funded by BBC Children in Need. The programme will include talks, Q&As and workshops to give you practical skills to manage your CF alongside other interests. We hope to cover a broad range of topics from mental health and isolation, to coding, blogging and vlogging. Hear from Digital Youth Outreach Officer Bahar Mustafa to find out a little bit more about her role in the Building Brighter Futures Programme.

What's coming up?

Comedy workshops (ages 10-18)

Do you enjoy watching comedy? Have you laughed or made someone laugh today… or want to? Why not join us for this six-week online comedy course!

Each week, we will play some comedy and improvisation games and try out writing and performing different forms of comedy. You will have the chance to experiment with writing and telling funny stories, as well as experiment with poems, jokes, songs, sketches, and stand-up comedy routines. We’ll explore how you can harness your unique sense of humour to turn your experiences into comedy. Having fun and laughing together is the aim and no one needs to share or perform anything unless they want to, but we’re sure you’ll have everyone in stitches if you do want to share!

Your tutor, Dr. Sam Beale, is a writer, teacher, director, performer and Doctor of Comedy (no really, that’s not a joke, she is!). She teaches Stand-Up Comedy, Solo Performance and Autobiographical Performance at Middlesex University, London.

To sign up, a parent or guardian will need to complete a consent form on the child's behalf and return this to


  • 14 October 5pm (Social meet and greet)
  • From 21 October - every Wednesday, 5-7pm 

Download the consent form

#VirtuallySocial online activities (ages 6-25)

Make friends, have fun and learn new skills (all from the comfort of your own home!)

Are you aged 6-25 and have CF, or are you close to someone who does? Over the next few months, our youth programme is running fun and exciting online events every week. From games nights to yoga and movie nights, we have something for everyone.

Keep up to date with what’s on at @CFTrustYouth on Twitter or get in touch with us at to find out more.

Games Night (ages 10-16)

  • Free
  • Cross platform
  • Social and fun!

Every month we challenge gamers with CF to bring their A-game. We try to play cross-platform games where we can so everyone can get involved. Whether your console of choice is PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PC, we have something for every kind of gamer so grab a headset and get involved! 

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  • Friday 16 October
  • Friday 13 November
  • Friday 11 December

Email to sign up.

Catch up

Missed out on one of our workshops? Considering signing up for a future course and want to see what's in store? Here, you can take a look at some of the things people with CF have been getting up to on our Building Brighter Futures workshops.

My passion keeps me well

In this series of videos, five people with CF talk about a hobby or job that helps them in some way with their cystic fibrosis. In the latest video, Ryan talks about his passion for gaming, and how vlogging has helped him reach out to other people with CF safely online and build networks of support. Online games are a great way to connect with other people, and many young people with CF enjoy video games as a fun way to escape from the daily routine of managing their condition.

Are you interested in gaming? Find out more about our gaming fundraising campaign #CFNextLevel.

Preparing for work

​CF and mental health

Watch a 20-minute talk on CF and mental health with Chloe, a member of our Youth Advisory Group and the NHS youth forum, who discusses her experiences with mental health and how it impacted her CF.

​Storytelling workshop

Last summer, young people with CF linked up online as part of the Building Brighter Futures storytelling workshop, in collaboration with On Our Radar. Here’s a video they produced talking about what it’s like living with an invisible illness.

Research we fund

We fund research to tackle some of the most pressing issues in CF today. Find out how your donations are making a difference.

What is CF?

Cystic fibrosis, or CF, affects the lungs, digestive system and other organs, and there are over 10,600 people living with it in the UK.

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